Two Islands-1000

Two Islands


Family, Friendship, Environment

About the book

João, a 10-year-old boy, lives on the volcanic Green Island. His parents (Sophia, a biologist, and Fernando, an aviator) and his friend Mr. Alberto, a 90-year-old gardener, encourage him to respect and to love natureso much so that his best friend is the Green Volcano. One day, his father disappears while flying. João is shaken up inside, and a slight tremor announces that the volcano has woken up. What a mystery! In this book, the nuanced observation of João’s inner world is portrayed in harmony and contrast with the outside world. The poetic text is wonderfully rendered by Zansky’s illustrations, which are realistic and dreamlike at the same time, presenting the Green Island in all its splendor. Geography, geology, environment, self-knowledge, friendship and family — all these themes underline, in a symbolic and subtle way, the love and the power that exist within João. Two Islands was a finalist in 3 prestigious prizes for manuscripts in Braziland the author Guilherme Semionato has books published in 8 countries.


Guilherme Semionato




205 x 275 mm



Age Group:

Ages 8 and up



Preview Of The Book

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