Romeo and Juliet: a graphic novel adaptation

Romeo and Juliet:
a Graphic Novel Adaptation​

From love to war and hatred: ​
William Shakespeare's most popular play and the world's best-known love story adapted into comics.


William Shakespeare

Theater adaptation:

Ivan Jaf


Tainan Rocha

Be brave, mom!

Be Brave, Mom!​

Socioemotional issues on the agenda: ​
Children encourage family members to face a challenging situation​.


Tino Freitas


Natália Gregorini

As important as a piece of the tongue

As Important as a Piece of the Tongue​

The challenges of moving from childhood to adolescence: ​
The end of an “inseparable” friendship and the reflections and discoveries generated by the crisis.


Paula Fábrio


Laura Athayde



Mysteries and challenges on a journey to other times: ​
A young man tries to make his own choices in a world controlled by systems.​


Lucia Seixas



Olivia's Book Club

Olivia's Book Club

A tribute to books and reading: ​
The protagonist's commitment to disseminating the practice of reading among colleagues.


Telma Guimarães


Kaká Leal

Two Islands

Two Islands

Embark on an incredible adventure on Green Island! ​
This friendship story between a boy and a volcano invites readers to connect with their inner strength.


Guilherme Semionato



Latitude zero

Latitude Zero

From extraterrestrials to the preservation of historical heritage and the environment: ​
How a trip can be ground zero for personal discoveries.​


Marcia Kupstas

Castor seeds

Castor Seeds

All at the same time and now: ​
The whirlwind of contradictions, joys and anguish that inhabits the thoughts of a fourteen-year-old girl​.

Text and Illustrations:

Aline Abreu

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